BBC’s Senior Event Producer on TV’s biggest events

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
BBC’s Senior Event Producer on TV’s biggest events

Senior Event Producer for BBC Studios, discusses her introduction to media events, working with Karl Lagerfeld and tackling wellbeing in the industry.

Tina Moynihan-Quinn describes the event vocation as “the ability to create meaningful and powerful experiences that bring people together.” Having felt a draw to this persuasive profession, Moynihan-Quinn noted, “After working in film and TV I went to study event management at a postgraduate level at the Fitzwilliam Institute in Dublin. This course really equipped me with the tools and confidence to apply for jobs I really wanted in global media organisations.”

Moynihan-Quinn reminisced of her full circle moment, noting, “What I find funny is, I was asked what my dream company would be to work for when I was studying, and I actually said the BBC. I’m very proud that I achieved that ambition to work for the world’s largest broadcaster that creates amazing high impact global content.”