48 hours in... Dublin

A hotel, a venue and an activity to consider for groups heading over to Ireland's capital city.

The city that is increasingly becoming the European headquarters for many large corporations, has a number of hotels, venues and activities that make it a prime location for conferences and incentives. Here are three to consider… 

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Stay at Castleknock Hotel

Just twenty to twenty five minutes from Dublin Airport, Castleknock Hotel is a great hotel for those that want to embrace the greenery of the Emerald Isle while remaining close to the city for activities (just 15 minutes away). The hotel’s 190 rooms have all recently been refurbished and are accompanied by 15 dedicated meeting rooms, that can accommodate up to 450 people, and an 18-hole golf course. The property also has a unique ‘Thinking Factory’ - an innovative space that combines modern technology with simple design. The creative brainstorming room is designed for small groups of 10-20 people who want to think differently - although it can accommodate up to 30 with modifications to the seating layout.