3 Event Lessons from the Oscars 2024

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
3 Event Lessons from the Oscars 2024

From John Cena bearing all in the buff to the power of cultural references, here are the key takeaways from the Oscars 2024.

Amidst the viral moments, poignant quotes, and unexpected twists, the Oscars 2024 delivered a fair few takeaways for event planners. Here are C&IT’s three key lessons from Hollywood's most anticipated awards show.

1. Embrace the UnexpectedThe power of viral moments is never something underestimated by event professionals, and the 2024 Oscars gave a wealth of unforgettable snapshots for its audience. From John Cena’s unexpected nudity to Emma Stone’s iconic eye-roll; these instances reminded planners of the power of spontaneity in capturing audience attention and driving engagement.