3 Event lessons from AIME 2024

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
3 Event lessons from AIME 2024

From data collaboration to glocalisation, here are the top 3 enforceable takeaways from AIME 2024.

Having grown significantly since their 30th anniversary last year, AIME came back in full force hoping to deliver the same success once again. When probed about the expansion, AIME Event Director Silke Calder, noted that “Retaining quality will always be the priority. We were very selective this year and turned down a lot of buyers as we have to be to retain that calibre. As for new initiatives, we have only introduced new tech if it made sense for the show - we’re not trend-hopping. It’s about paying close attention to feedback and that’s our ethos.”

1. How to implement glocalisation