Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic: how content and audiences changed

The VAK learning theory is being tested at events to laser in on engagement, according to Cheerful Twentyfirst creative producer Elena Clowes, who explains how it boosted registrations and what it means for comms.

Understanding audience engagement – and what that means for clients and content - has been key in monitoring the changes to events over the last year, through virtual and hybrid, Clowes says.

The creative brand experiences agency trialled the VAK learning model in a recent global event, and reports on its learnings, how we need to rethink spontaneous ‘wow moments’ and colourful breakouts, as well what it means for communications, engagement, learning and retention.

Clowes discusses how the model helped produce a 94.43% adoption rate on a virtual event platform, while boosting registrations and engagement, with more than 900 comments shared in the chat function of the four-hour event.