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RSVP S1 Ep 1: Do Not Disturb

RSVP S1 Ep 1: Do Not Disturb

Every episode C&IT's Editor, Calum Di Lieto, speaks with industry personalities as they share their Rants, Stories, Visions and Pains (RSVP). Guests reveal their most memorable destinations, hotels and food experiences, paint a picture of their dream event and react to listeners' anonymous confessions.

In this week's episode Anthony Kelly, Head of New Business Marketing at Penguins and DRPG, and a board member of SITE GB, talks about selfish people, accidental nudity and dancing to garage music. 

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This piece is in partnership with Melbourne Convention Bureau.

Vibrant, cultured and varied, Melbourne gets plenty of sunshine, too! Most importantly, in these uncertain times, the city has managed its response to Covid-19 in a way that inspires confidence. As we head towards safer times and MICE planners look ahead to 2023-24, the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) could help bring your next event to life.