Healthy meetings report

With health-related lost productivity costing the UK economy an estimated £73 billion*, investing in employees health and wellbeing is no longer simply a nice thing to do but an absolute necessity for businesses.

Almost half of the average person’s waking hours are spent at work so there’s little doubt that the workplace environment has an influence on employee health. Companies that put effort into ensuring their employees stay healthy can reap significant rewards in terms of greater productivity.

But with many of those working hours spent in meetings and conferences, businesses need to make sure that their focus on health and wellbeing extends beyond the workplace.

In the same way that a healthy workplace is proven to boost employee productivity, there are many benefits to addressing delegates’ health and wellbeing during an event – attendees that are more alert, higher levels of engagement and just a better all-round experience. 

The healthy meetings and events report, created in partnership with The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD), looks at why healthy meetings and events are now a must for planners.

What are the benefits, aside from the obvious, of ensuring a healthy and active event? How can planners address this during the initial planning stage? With budgets shrinking and the need to prove ROI, how can you prove the ROI on ‘healthy’. These are some of the questions we answer. Download your copy for free below.