C&IT's New Direction

This year has been a bookmark in history that no one will forget. The MICE industry has been impacted by the coronavirus global pandemic in ways that couldn’t have been imagined and so every business has had to pivot in order to remain agile. This includes C&IT.

Over the last few months we have launched new ways of engaging with our global audiences, from digital briefings which received thousands of registrations, to reactive reports that helped to provide information and direction to the industry across the world. We’ve embraced new media platforms, such as our weekly podcast RSVP, and created more video content through streaming and recording.

The positive traction this innovation has received has therefore led us to reconsider our efforts and map out a new direction for the brand.

C&IT is going to streamline its energy and focus on providing high-value, research-led reports, thought-provoking briefings and a more data-led approach to our content. All the while continuing to regularly engage and delight our audience through audio and video broadcast platforms, and of course our live events.

This change in direction means we are going to move away from some of the more traditional outlets. Including our daily news and our quarterly print magazine. And while it is sad to close the book on these parts of our content delivery, it is an exciting opportunity to evolve and focus on what truly makes C&IT unique.

Our live and digital events, stand-out from any others due to the high-level of content production involved and the close connection to our data-led reports. Our research goes wider and deeper than any other due to our global reach and strategic partnerships. And our engagement is unparalleled due to the deeply-embedded personality of our brand. All of which will be given more focus and more investment.

I personally look forward to continuing to work closely with everyone within this amazingly creative and innovative industry, and I’m incredibly excited to deliver this new direction for the brand.

Yours sincerely,

Calum Di Lieto