Agency wins Queen’s Award for international trade and kicks off +1 freelancer scheme

The win is being followed up by a recruitment drive and a shadowing scheme to get event professionals back into work, according to David Ball who is the founder and CEO of the creative agency Brandfuel.

In an interview for C&IT, Ball explains the wider vision that led to the award - and talks about how the agency has built on longstanding business relationships with major tech brands like Google and Android.

Ball also discusses his fear that the industry has lost a good deal of talent in the past year and offers details on the launch of the agency’s +1 scheme, aimed at helping freelancers and people who are out of work to skill up.

Brandfuel won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade with the creative agency and was among 205 organisations recognised nationally.

Founded in 2005, Brandfuel employs 51 members of staff with offices in London, New York, Dublin and Singapore and organises events worldwide.

It specialises in the design, strategy, planning and delivery of online virtual events as well as broadcasts, conferences, exhibitions, experiential activations and brand consultancy.